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Hey what's up everybody!

If you do not know by now, I have no idea what you're doing! The second annual anniversary show Sessions With Tandaleria Live is happening this January 28, 2018! An amazing way to start a new year of Sessions and just a new year in general! We are bringing back all artists from the 2017 videos to perform the songs live on stage. That includes Ashanti, Elisa Latrice, Sam Trump, Mista "E", Jeneé Jones, Taylor Iman, and The Remedy. The concert will be hosted by the lovely Shartia Divine, with sounds by Blok Club Dj's very own Dj P1 and Dj Kwiet Storm! The entire Sessions With Tandaleria Crew" will of course be there, which includes the "Sessions Band" and Amara, will be there as well! We also have few other special guest and vendors that will be joining us for this event! Be sure to get your tickets and don't miss out on this amazing event!

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